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What is better than a brunch on a crisp fall morning. Hues of orange and red accompanied by a fantastic warm brunch. Our patio is all of those feels. Follow along as we feature our unique dishes! We have a tremendous well-known brunch menu that will blow you away on a sunny Saturday or Sunday…

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Keto Options in a Pub


Eating out while on dietary restrictions is never easy. You can either eat before you meet up with friends or do your best to pick the correct item off the menu. Sulfates, vegan, and keto are three dietary restrictions new to the hospitality industry and can be a challenge trying to accommodate. Keto, in particular,…

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The Most Filling Low-Calorie Foods To Consider When You’re Out Kelowna Dining

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Some meals when you’re out in Kelowna dining have filled you up more than others due to what’s in them, but it can be hard to find the healthiest options with filling ingredients on your own. We’ve put together a list of the healthiest, low-calorie foods you can still fill up on.  Oats and Oatmeal Yup, there’s a reason oatmeal has…

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Foods With Surprising Health Benefits 

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When you’re sitting down to have lunch in Kelowna, you might be surprised at the nutrients you’re getting from the foods you’re eating. While “superfoods” have been debated whether they really provide the amount of nutritional value they claim to offer, the foods we’ll be discussing are known for the nutrients they provide.   Next Time Have Potatoes for Lunch in Kelowna  Yup,…

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How to Stay Healthy During Self-Quarantine

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If there was ever a time to eat healthily it would be now. Although restrictions are being eased for the coronavirus, to keep your immune system in the best possible shape it’s important to get all the necessary nutrients your body needs. Whether it’s ordering healthy Kelowna specials from restaurants or making your own food at home, here are some easy ways to…

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Our Best Take-Out Food to Take-In

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Although we all enjoy a good meal actually cooking one often ends up being a notable challenge. And while the coronavirus has many people cooped up inside, cooking something every single night can be taxing. By ordering take-out from your local restaurant you’re not only supporting them during COVID-19, but also getting delicious food like savoury ribs, filling pasta, and wings in Kelowna…

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Add Some Diversity to Your Food


Diversity in your food is important in so many ways. We are spoiled to have the opportunity to experience different cultures through something delicious. Having varied dishes at restaurants offers an exciting way to see what types of food, spices, drinks, and more that you may not have experienced before. Navigating our menu with the…