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Best Appetizers for Kelowna Dining at Brandt’s Creek

Best Appetizers for Kelowna Dining at Brandt’s Creek

Sometimes you don’t need a whole dinner’s worth of food—that’s where appetizers come in. They can be bite-size, compellingly addictive, and sometimes a meal in and of themselves. We offer a wide selection of appetizers both new and classic that are perfect for your Kelowna dining experience.

Kelowna Dining Appetizers: Blush Orange Salad

Salads are some of the best appetizers since they’re not easy to fill up on. Our blush orange salad is still filling but is perfect for lighter fare. Made with garden vegetables, fresh oranges, dried cranberries, feta cheese tossed through an orange citrus dressing, and is topped with roasted tandoori lemon chicken.

French onion soup appetizerBaked French Onion Soup

With the weather only getting colder, a great way to warm up is with some soup. We have several different kinds of soup with our chef making a new one each day, but one of our staples that remains on the menu is our baked french onion soup. It’s a classic onion soup with toasted garlic croutons and garnished with swiss cheese for another layer of creaminess.

Mexican Taco Salad

One of our most popular appetizers, we do our Mexican taco salad a little differently. Made to look like an overflowing cornucopia, this delicious entry on our menu contains a fried tortilla shell, garden vegetables, seasoned fried peppers, olives, jalapeños, onions, and is topped with cheese for that final complementary touch.

Santa Fe Chicken Salad

If you prefer more of a classic styled salad, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Our Santa Fe chicken salad offers garden vegetables, black beans, roasted corn, barbeque chicken, cheese, and is tossed with chipotle ranch for a final zesty addition. It’s an excellent choice for a hot salad that will warm you up and satisfy your immediate hunger.

Clearly, there’s a wide variety of options to choose from on our menu. We have plenty more options for mains as well that can fill you up and satisfy your hunger.



Order your appetizer of choice from our menu and perfectly complement your next meal today!