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Eat Well in the New Year at Top Glenmore Restaurant, Brandt’s Creek Kelowna Pub

Eat Well in the New Year at Top Glenmore Restaurant, Brandt’s Creek Kelowna Pub

If you’re searching for top Glenmore restaurants to help you eat well in the new year, Brandt’s Creek Pub has got you covered! We’ve got all your pub-favourites and a variety of choices to begin a happy and healthy new year, including Tuscan flatbread, taco salad, quinoa salad and french onion soup.  

Brandt’s Menu: Top Glenmore Restaurants

Eating a balanced diet and eating in moderation is at the crux of eating well. It’s important to choose a variety of foods from the different food groups – vegetables and fruits; protein; dairy; carbohydrates; and a small quantity of healthy fats including the unsaturated fat from olive oil.  

Kelowna locals often consider Brandt’s to be one of the top Glenmore restaurants due to our ever-changing menu, designed with mighty flavours specially designed with quality, seasonal ingredients to satisfy your cravings. We pride ourselves in offering a wide selection of food from pub-classics including enticing burgers and wings to flavourful healthy dishes including our delicious taco salad and quinoa salad. It’s the perfect place to enjoy the start of your happy and healthy new year.  

Eat Well at Your Kelowna Pub 

Beyond eating well, there are several psychological, social and biological benefits of sharing meals with friends, family members, and loved ones. Whether your celebrating with family and friends, winding down with close friends or bonding one-on-one with a loved one, going out for a meal provides a great opportunity for us to deepen friendships, connect with colleagues, get to know a romantic interest better in-person. Kick back, relax, grab a quinoa salad or Tuscan flatbread with a glass our local Okanagan wine and enjoy the mental health benefits of enjoying a meal and spending time with friends and family. 

Eat Well… and Save Money! 

If you’ve heard of Brandt’s Creek Pub, you’ve likely heard of our specials! We’re one of the most popular pubs in Kelowna among locals and visitors throughout the Okanagan. Did you know we have Kelowna specials every night of the week? Join us Sunday through Saturday and enjoy the atmosphere, good food, and quality time with friends.  

Specials every night means you’ll never be in a food rut. Studies have also found that eating the same healthy foods over and over again isn’t necessarily healthier than eating a variety of non-nutritious foods. At Brandt’s, you can get the best of both worlds and get a variety of nutritious options to provide your body with essential vitamins and nutrients. 

Every day at Brandt’s Creek, we offer great Kelowna specials on food and drinks including our Okanagan-famous wings, Thursday burger nights, Taco & Mexican Nights on Saturdays, jugs of craft beer and various featured drinks.

Looking for top Glenmore restaurants with a wide selection of affordable dishes and drinks? Eat well and save this new year at Brandt’s Creek Pub. View our menu and visit Brandt’s Creek Pub today.