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Best Pub Staples at Brandt’s Creek Pub

Best Pub Staples at Brandt’s Creek Pub

Brandt’s Creek Pub offers guests a friendly pub atmosphere with a variety of pub staples carefully crafted with fresh, premium ingredients.

Established in Glenmore, Kelowna in 1990, our country style and vaulted ceilings are the perfect place for the flavourful food we serve. You can rely on our kitchen for both comfort pub-food classics and new ever-changing dishes with mighty flavours.

Best Wings at Your Kelowna Pub

What makes a pub outstanding? We strive to offer the best wings in Kelowna that keep our customers satisfied and returning time and time again. Our premium quality ingredients make our wings an exceptional choice if you’ve got a mad craving. Before you even take a bite, you should know you’re in for a serious treat. That’s why we carefully prepare our wings to ensure the perfect balance between being tender inside and evenly cooked all the way through all the while marinated in the sauce of your choice.

Our wings haven’t earned the reputation for having the best wings in Kelowna for no reason. We carefully source our wings from top tier providers and offer a variety of flavours including spicy breaded, bbq, teriyaki, honey garlic, sweet chili, lemon pepper, hot and 911 for unparalleled and delicious wings. For the best deals in Kelowna, drop by for our wing night and enjoy .35 cent chicken wings every Wednesday.

Pub Staples: Best Burgers, Sliders & Sandwiches

At Brandt’s Creek Pub we know burgers, sliders and sandwiches are the ultimate handheld foods and an essential for any great pub experience. These great pub staples should be exceptionally meaty, satisfyingly greasy, and overloaded with all your favourite toppings. These holy grails of savouriness are some of the greatest foods in the world. That’s why Brandt’s Creek Pub offers pub lovers a wide selection of incredible and delicious burgers, sliders and sandwiches that’ll hit the spot!

Lighter Comfort Foods

Craving comfort food or pub staples doesn’t mean you have to compromise a healthy diet. Our menu includes a variety of awesome lighter fare, which means you can satisfy your craving and stay on track with your health or diet goals. Try our Santé Fe Chicken Salad for a delicious blend of garden vegetables, black beans, roasted corn, bbq chicken, cheese, tossed with chipotle ranch. Or savour our flavourful Mexican Taco Salad; fried tortilla shell, garden vegetables, seasoned fried peppers, olives, jalapeños, onions, topped with cheese.

We’re dedicated to carefully crafting an inviting atmosphere with a great selection of food, drinks and weekly specials at affordable prices. Our lighter fare options are the perfect companion after a day of exploring the gorgeous Okanagan Valley, before a night out with your friends or a relaxing afternoon lunch.

Wine, Drink Specials and Craft Beer in Kelowna

The Okanagan Valley is home to a range of varietals from rich reds to crisp whites. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Brandt’s Creek Pub, in the heart of the Okanagan Valley, offers a wide selection of local wines that pair perfectly with our high-quality dishes.

We also have a wide selection of delicious featured drinks from sangria to motijos and all your favourite craft beers on tap and bottled for your ultimate enjoyment. Drop in today and enjoy our daily happy hour drink specials!

Visit Brandt’s Creek Pub tonight for mouth-watering pub staples. For more great food deals, check out our daily specials or enjoy our weekly feature!