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Top 4 Kelowna Hikes that Will Work up an Appetite

Top 4 Kelowna Hikes that Will Work up an Appetite

The Okanagan Valley is absolutely stunning, fully immersed in nature and surrounded by awe-inspiring mountains, making it the ideal location for hikers to visit. The sun-drenched Valley offers world-class views from every mountainside or top.

Brandt’s Creek Pub, in the heart of the Okanagan Valley, specializes in a variety of delicious dishes that are bound to hit the spot after a great day of hiking. Here are our top hikes that will surely work up an appetite before your next visit to our pub.

Kelowna’s Top Hiking Locations:

  • Paul’s Tomb, Knox Mountain
  • Blue Grouse Mountain
  • Pincushion Mountain
  • Kettle Valley Railway at Myra Canyon

Paul’s Tomb, Knox Mountain

Paul’s Tomb and Knox Mountain is possibly the most popular and well-known hike in Kelowna. It’s an easy to moderate 3km hike located 10 minutes from downtown Kelowna. This leisurely hike offers a stunning lookout point with views over Okanagan Lake and ends at a secluded beach cove with one of the best swimming holes in the area. The water is much clearer than the popular swimming beaches of Gyro and is typically less crowded which makes it a great place for your dog to accompany you on your swim (click here for a larger list of Kelowna’s best dog friendly adventures). 

Knox Mountain attracts both locals and tourists due to its reputation for having the best view of Kelowna without needing to venture too far away from downtown. In the warmer months, you will commonly see sailboats, kayaks, wildlife including birds, deer and the official flower of Kelowna, the Arrowleaf Balsamroot. To access Knox Mountain you can hike up the steep hill from the lower gates by the beach or drive up to the second tiered lookout. Another option is to gradually climb to the “entrance” of the Paul’s Tomb hiking path. Near the swimming hole, there is a tomb buried by soil and a clearing with Lilacs where the cabin belonging to Rambler Paul once sat. It’s an exceptional hike for working up an appetite!

Blue Grouse Mountain

Blue Grouse Mountain is a moderate 8km hike, which will take approximately 5 hours to complete that will definitely work up your appetite! You can also enjoy a short 2-hour hike if you park at the lower communication towers or anywhere in-between.

This trail provides stunning views of the Okanagan Valley, Kelowna City and a glimpse of Vernon and Penticton in the distance. As you ascend the mountain, the views get better and better, which is exceptionally motivating. Make sure you are well prepared for the difficulty and length of this trail by packing lots of snacks and water, especially as the weather continues to warm up. Once you’ve completed the full loop, drop by Brandt’s to refuel and relax. We want to hear all about your adventures out on the mountain!

Pincushion Mountain

Pincushion Mountain earned its name after a wildfire that wiped out all the trees and foliage in the 19th century, which left only snags that looked like pins.

For moderate paced and experienced hikers, this climb takes approximately an hour to complete. There are two paths to choose from and both lead you to an incredible peak. For safety, bring a hiking stick and wear appropriate footwear to prevent slipping as there are several steep sections with loose gravel. If you’re hiking in the spring, beware of snow packs that may make the trail particularly slippery.

Along the way, you may encounter wildlife including deer, garter snakes and grouse. During the summer months, it’s important to be aware of bears due to the spawning of salmon that occurs nearby. This hike provides stunning views of Kelowna and Okanagan Lake from the peak.

Kettle Valley Railway at Myra Canyon

Kettle Valley Railway at Myra Canyon is an exceptional hike for both adults and children. It’s an easy to moderate hike, which extends a full 24km. It’s about 40 minutes from downtown, which makes it the perfect day hike before grabbing a beer and bite to eat.

The KVR at Myra Canyon follows the old Kettle Valley Railway, which has been transformed into a walled hike-and-bike trail that runs along the steep and narrow Myra Canyon. Kids and adults alike will take delight in walking over bridges and through the tunnels.

If you’re looking for a shorter hike, the first of the canyon’s 18 trestle bridges is just one kilometre from the beginning of the trail. For a more adventurous hike, you can continue on and explore more of the canyon’s trestle bridges.

Brandt’s Creek Pub offers a great selection of pub staples that are the perfect reward after a full day of hiking. Get out there and work out a sweat, then come and cool off with your favourite beverage and a delicious meal on our large patio!

View Brandt’s Creek Pub’s menu HERE and start planning your next hike!