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How to Eat Gluten-Free at Our Kelowna Pub

How to Eat Gluten-Free at Our Kelowna Pub

Eating out when you have dietary restrictions is never easy, whether they are for health reasons or by choice, but more and more restaurants and pubs are becoming conscious of how accessible their menus are. With more people choosing to live by different dietary restrictions and lifestyles, it is becoming common for restaurant menus to offer alternative options or substitutes. One of the most common dietary restrictions is eating gluten-free, which means excluding any foods containing gluten.

Gluten is a protein found most commonly in wheat, barley, and rye, so it can be challenging for someone to find an entirely gluten-free menu when dining out at a restaurant or pub. We’ve broken down a few of the most common gluten-free substitutes that you should ask for next time you eat out at a restaurant or pub.

Gluten free rice bowl

How to Eat Gluten-Free at a Pub: Pasta

Pasta is often a staple menu item at many restaurants and pubs, so this is a great place to start if you are eating out and are looking for some gluten-free options. While normal pasta is commonly made with wheat flour, there are lots of gluten-free pasta that are readily available that are made with rice flour. With more and more people opting to eat gluten-free, most kitchens have gluten-free pasta available if requested.

Another great menu option that would be like pasta would be a rice dish, such as our Thai Rice Bowl. As rice doesn’t contain gluten, it can be a great alternative to pasta. Gluten can be found in a lot of different ingredients, so it is always a good idea to check with your server to ensure that what you are ordering will indeed be gluten-free.


Burgers are a staple when it comes to pub food but since a burger patty is normally sandwiched between two pieces of a bun, they often aren’t considered to be a gluten-free friendly option. This, however, isn’t the case. If you are willing to lose the bun, burgers can be a great option for someone looking to order gluten-free at a pub.

The easiest way to make a burger gluten-free is to simply ask for it without the bun, but if you’re wanting to take it one step further, ask if the burger patty can be wrapped in lettuce. Not only is lettuce a healthy alternative, but it also gives you the freedom to be able to hold the burger and eat it like you normally would.

Gluten free burger Salad

While we’ve highlighted two pub food options that require some substitutes to make them gluten-free friendly, salads are one of the best menu options to look at if you’re wanting to avoid gluten. Because the bulk of the salad is made up of lettuce or spinach, you will only have to worry about gluten being in the dressing or toppings.

A Ceasar salad is easily made gluten-free by removing the croutons, while a menu option like our Spinach Salad is already gluten-free. If you want to add some protein to your salad, ask your server if it is possible to add grilled chicken to your order.

While eating out at a restaurant or pub can be challenging if you eat gluten-free, it isn’t impossible. The more familiar people are with different dietary restrictions and food choices, the more flexible kitchens are getting with being able to provide substitutes. Always remember to inform your server if you have a serious gluten allergy, such as celiac, so they can let the kitchen know to avoid any cross-contamination.



Next time you eat with us, ask one of our servers what items on our menu have gluten-free options!