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Okanagan Wines @ Brandt’s Creek Pub, Liquor Store & Restaurant

Okanagan Wines @ Brandt’s Creek Pub, Liquor Store & Restaurant

We believe in celebrating and supporting local every chance we get! From the freshest community-sourced ingredients in our kitchens to our delicious wine selection, Brandt’s Creek Pub & Restaurant has tons of tasty choices. After all, we are home to world-class wineries and phenomenal soil. Why would we even want to serve anything else?!


Taste the Top Notes From Okanagan Wines


There are so many benefits to enjoying a glass of homegrown vino. Full of anti-oxidants and micro nutrients, wine has been hailed all over the world for a variety of health reasons. Whether you follow a Mediterranean diet, or simply love the fruity, abundant blends, there is something for every palette. We are happy to recommend the perfect bottle to accompany your appetizer or entrée.


Go Green With One-Stop Awesomeness at Brandt’s!


We like to keep it simple Kelowna! While we highly recommend visiting as many Okanagan wineries as possible, you can enjoy many of your favourite Okanagan wines with us! In fact, Brandt’s Liquor Store keeps it simple. Stop by our store the next time you need that Coach’s or teacher’s gift, housewarming item or simply to stock up your wine cellar! Make a date to enjoy family, friends and coworkers at Brandt’s Creek Pub & Restaurant and then head next door to grab some goodies. Save yourself the gas and multiple trips by planning ahead. Our prime location and ample parking make it simple to dart in on your way home from work or to your next event.


Celebrating Okanagan Wineries Year-Round


While it may be getting too chilly to enjoy your favourite winery patio, we’ve got everything you need to stay stocked up. Never mind what the weather is up to…we can’t control it anyway! But, we can control our ability to stay cozy and socialize during the chillier seasons. Don’t feel bummed that your special winery getaway is winding down for the season…instead, enjoy a night in with some creative get-togethers. Brandt’s Liquor Store can help you take “game night” to a whole new level! Alternatively, get a head start on your holiday baking and crafting with some tasty beverages on hand. Perhaps, you just want to buckle down and renovate this season? Painting is oh-so-much-more enjoyable (and forgiving) if you are more relaxed throughout the process!


Tell Us About Your Favourite Okanagan Wineries


We love to hear where you like to go and why. It keeps our days off full of interesting and enjoyable possibilities to explore. Are you an Okanagan winery spa aficionado? Do you enjoy cooking with wine and re-inventing culinary faves? Perhaps, you are seeking a romantic fall hike and want to have the perfect pairing for your picnic? Let us know what you are craving and we can offer the perfect Okanagan wines to complement your palette and your activity!


Book Your Next Night Out At Brandt’s!


We are always excited to share some of our delicious home cooking and stellar selection of Okanagan wines with you and your crew!

Stop by Brandt’s Creek for your next study break, meeting or social gathering. Check out our menu specials and don’t forget to stop by the liquor store after you are done to maximize your trip! Let us help you celebrate with local Okanagan wines!