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Best Beers to Pair With Wings During Your Next Kelowna Wing Night

Best Beers to Pair With Wings During Your Next Kelowna Wing Night

Almost nothing goes together better than beer and chicken wings. Wings come in a variety of different flavours, and one might wonder if there is a method to choosing a beer that will pair with your preferred wing flavour. While there is no right or wrong answer, there are some ways to be strategic with your selections to help you achieve the best wing and beer pairing possible for your next Kelowna wing night.

Teriyaki and Blonde, Golden or Pale Ale

Some people dislike the sticky-sweet flavour of teriyaki and find it overpowering. When paired with a blonde, golden or pale ale, an herbal complexity is brought to the mix that will help cleanse the sugary glaze of the teriyaki wings from your palate.

Salt ‘n’ Pepper & Pale Lager

A classic go-to in terms of dry-rubbed wings, salt ‘n’ pepper wings pair beautifully with a pale lager. The lager will quench your thirst and help cleanse your palate so you don’t end up parched from all of that salt.

Chicken wings and beerBuffalo & Canadian Ale

Buffalo wings are a classic! Next time you order some, try pairing them with a classic Canadian ale. The ale will chase away some of the heat and the bitterness from the hops perfectly match the not-too-hot spice of the buffalo sauce.

Hot & IPAs

Hot wings are always a popular choice on wing nights but can pack quite a big punch. Next time you order your favourite hot and spicy wings, try pairing them with an IPA. The bitter, juicy, citrusy flavour of the hops helps to balance out the intensity of the wings. And if you’re feeling extra spicy, order some blue cheese dipping sauce, it pairs beautifully with both hot wings and IPAs.

When it comes to choosing chicken wings and beer pairings, the combinations are almost endless. If you’re looking for a great spot to test out your pairing options, Brandt’s Creek Pub has a fantastic selection of both chicken wings and beers to help make your next Kelowna night out a memorable one!


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