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Brunch at Brandt’s

What is better than a brunch on a crisp fall morning. Hues of orange and red accompanied by a fantastic warm brunch. Our patio is all of those feels. Follow along as we feature our unique dishes! We have a tremendous well-known brunch menu that will blow you away on a sunny Saturday or Sunday morning.



Eggs Benny Deluxe


This is an upscaled classic dish for the benny lovers out there. The plate features traditional Canadian peameal bacon under two eggs poached to perfection. On the side features our homestyle fried potatoes. Are you looking to send your tastebuds on an adventure? Dip the potatoes in the hollandaise we have drizzled over the poached eggs. Watch the yolk drizzle down an English-style muffin as you gently slice into your poached egg. This breakfast combines classic and fancy all in one.

Eggs Blackstone


Our Eggs Blackstone mixes fresh and savoury for brunch food. Bacon and tomatoes are laid on an English muffin followed by two eggs poached to your liking. A hollandaise sauce is drizzled over the top for your eggs to complete the dish. Finish the entire dish with our amazing homestyle potatoes fried to perfection. A professional tip for anyone sinking into this dish, grab a slick of Blackstone and potato in one bite. It’s a taste you won’t forget.



The Orchard Omelette


This omelette combines simple farm-fresh ingredients into a good old-fashioned omelette. Made with three large farm fresh eggs, make your omelette unique by choosing your won fillers. Cheese, mushrooms, veggies, bacon or ham, this dish is very customizable. Go vegetarian with just mushrooms and cheese, or chose a meatier omelette with both bacon and ham. This dish is served with our potatoes fried to perfection and a little cinnamon bun to finish. This dish is excellent for those looking to indulge in a healthier meal.



Brandt’s Homestyle Breakfast


This dish is perfect for those wanting their eggs separate from their ham and bread. Brandt’s Homestyle Breakfast features three farm-fresh eggs cooked to your liking. From there, the eggs are accompanied by the side of fried potatoes and toast of your choosing. Chose between Virginia ham, crisp bacon or sausage for protein or chose all three. You can make a “man-up” breakfast with all three meat choices for a small additional cost. This dish is simple and wholesome, made for a great fall brunch.

Whether you are looking for an upscale brunch or something a bit more recognizable, Brandt’s Creek Pub has both. Choose unique with the Blackstone Benny or something more simple with the Brandt’s Creek Homestyle Breakfast. Book your reservation today for a weekend fall brunch with family and friends.