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Best Burgers in Kelowna: Get ’em at Brandt’s Creek Pub!

Best Burgers in Kelowna: Get ’em at Brandt’s Creek Pub!

If you’re on the hunt for the best burgers in Kelowna and perusing online reviews for great burger reviews, Brandt’s Creek Pub is the perfect place to satisfy your craving.  

Brandt’s Creek Pub offers a variety of pub staples carefully crafted with fresh, premium ingredients. You can rely on our kitchen for both comfort pub-food classics and new ever-changing dishes with mighty flavours. 

Best Burgers in Kelowna to Satisfy Your Mad Craving 

One of the first things to look for when searching for the best burgers in Kelowna is quality, fresh ingredients and a menu that includes dishes with seasonal ingredients. We’re dedicated to carefully crafting an inviting atmosphere with a great selection of fresh food, drinks and weekly specials at affordable prices.  

The kitchen staff at Brandt’s Creek Pub know firsthand how important food presentation, portion size, prices, and taste are. When your food arrives, it should always be appetizing and freshly delivered from the kitchen. 

Our burgers are no exception! Since burgers are undeniably one of the most popular foods in Canada and Kelowna, the competition is high. And we take these mouth-watering handheld holy grails seriously. When your burger arrives, we strive to leave a lasting impression on our guests that’ll have them saying they’ve just had the best burger in Kelowna ever!  

Kelowna Food Specials: Burger Thursdays 

Brandt’s Creek is one of the most well-established and popular Kelowna pubs among local burger-lovers. Brandt’s menu features a great selection of pub-classics, including one of the best burgers in Kelowna.  

Join us weekly for Burger Thursdays. Enjoy delicious 1/4 lb burgers for just $2.50! Customize your burger with all your favourite toppings, add an extra patty, or enjoy it with your favourite drink or side, including Brandt’s Brew for only $4.65. For a complete list of toppings and sides, check out our Facebook event.  

Best Burgers in Kelowna 

When you’ve got a mad craving for a mouth-watering burger, and looking for places to eat in KelownaBrandt’s Creek Pub will hit the spot. We know burgers are an essential part of any great pub experience. That’s why we carefully craft the best burgers in Kelowna and proudly strive to offer the ultimate handheld food that keeps guests coming back time and time again.  

At Brandt’s, we believe the tell-tale of a good, gourmet burger is an exceptionally meaty and satisfyingly greasy patty loaded with all your favourite toppings. These holy grails of deliciousness are some of the best foods in the World, and an essential menu item when selecting places to eat in Kelowna. At Brandt’s Creek Pub, we offer burger and pub lovers a carefully crafted selection of handmade burgers and sliders that’ll hit the spot!  

Brandts Burger Thursday | Best Burgers In Kelowna

Brandt’s Creek Liquor Store 

Searching for places to eat in Kelowna that offer great food, daily specials, and pub-staples? Brandt’s has got you covered. We’ve got a great selection of food, a rotating tap of craft beers, happy hour specials and weekly features including our $2 ½ Burger Thursday.

After you’ve enjoyed the best burgers in Kelowna, keep the drinks flowing by stopping in at Brandt’s Creek liquor store. Our liquor store offers a great selection of spirits, craft beers, and your favourite local Okanagan wine. Spend $50 at our liquor store and receive 50% off any item on our entire menu at Brandt’s Creek Pub or Company Kitchen & Bar. 

Visit Brandt’s Creek tonight for mouth-watering burgers at your Kelowna pub. For more great food deals, check out our daily specials or enjoy our weekly feature!