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Enhance your Nightlife in Kelowna with Okanagan Wines at Brandt’s

Enhance your Nightlife in Kelowna with Okanagan Wines at Brandt’s

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone who knows the Okanagan Valley that Brandt’s Creek Pub and Brandt’s Creek Liquor Store, in the heart of the Okanagan Valley, are all about fine Okanagan wines. If you’re looking to enjoy the great wine-inspired nightlife in Kelowna, check out our wide selection of Okanagan wines 

Here are our top wine picks to liven up your nightlife in Kelowna. 

The Heart of Wine Region 

The nightlife in Kelowna wouldn’t be the same without outstanding Okanagan-made wines grown in BC’s premier grapegrowing region. The valley stretches over 250 kilometers with distinct soil and climate conditions suited to growing a range of varietals from sun-ripened reds to fresh and crisp whites. Home to world-class operations that range from the small, boutique, family-run vineyards, to large-scale wineries, the Okanagan region is known across the globe for its internationally recognized wines.  

Wine and Dine: Nightlife in Kelowna 

Brandt’s Creek Pub carries an array of wines including crisp whites, rich reds, rosés, sparkling, and fruit wines, crafted and grown from local Okanagan soil.  

If you haven’t already tried the wines that give life to the nightlife in Kelowna, drop by Brandt’s for a taste. Pair a glass of local wine with your next meal at Brandt’s Creek Pub, and you’ll quickly taste wheveryone is rushing to the Okanagan. We carry a variety of Okanagan whites including 50th Parallel Pinot Gris, Mission Hill Five Vineyards Sauvignon Blanc, Graymonk Latitude 50 and more; perfect for seafood, vegetarian dishes, light meat dishes, and salads.  

Spice up your nightlife in Kelowna with a glass of local red wine. Red wines, including Sandhill Merlot, Ancient Hill Pinot Noir, Apothic Red and more, pair well with dishes such as grilled steaks and sautéed mushrooms, meat pies, stews, prime rib and more.  

Bring Home the Nightlife in Kelowna 

Bring the nightlife in Kelowna home by grabbing a bottle of Mission Hill Reserve Shiraz, Graymonk Pinot Auxerrious or another local favourite from Brandt’s Creek Liquor Store. No matter your budget or taste, there is an Okanagan-made wine that is calling out for you to try! Come see what is fresh from the vineyards and in-store today! 

The Okanagan Valley wine region is home to more than 80% of all vineyards in BC. Common varietals range from cabernet sauvignon and Syrah to gewürztraminer and Riesling. Locals and visitors boast about wine across the Okanagan sub-regions, including West Kelowna’s world-class vineyards and wine varietals that continuously exceed expectations. Wines from the Westside Wine Trails benefit from the distinct and rich soils made up of a mixture of clay, mineral deposits, glacial till, volcanic rock and large boulders. This is just one of the many unique characteristics that make Okanagan wines unparalleled.  

Drop by Brandt’s Creek Pub for rich nightlife in Kelowna. Grab a glass of local wines to complement your food, or pick up a bottle from our wide selection of local wines at Brandt’s Creek Liquor Store.