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Best Holiday-Themed Dishes for Christmas

Best Holiday-Themed Dishes for Christmas

Trying to plan the perfect Christmas dinner with some holiday-themed dishes? We’ve got you covered. Sure, you could go with the classic Christmas turkey or ham, but there are a vast set of recipes that can be just as good (if not better) to eat as well.

Below, we list some of the best dishes you may not have considered to add to your own Christmas menu.

Holiday-Themed Dishes: Red and Green Pasta Salad

Not all holiday meals need to be elaborate. Simple, and easy to make as a “Christmas” dish, use red and green pasta in your pasta salad to add that holiday spirit.

You can also make it the day before to reduce your time spent cooking Christmas dinner.

Holiday-themed chocolate pretzelsDecorated Chocolate and Sprinkle Covered Pretzels

Not all holiday dishes need to be super filling. This simple recipe just needs pretzel sticks, chocolate, and whatever icing or Chrismas’y sprinkles you want to add on top.

Just melt the chocolate in the microwave or on the stove and dip the pretzels in. Before the chocolate dries, rolls the chocolate-dipped pretzel stick in any sprinkles you want to add or sprinkle the sprinkles on however you like.

Mini Nacho Bites

Another great appetizer for those who want to add a little more Mexican food into their Christmas meals. Made using the scoops tortilla chips, they only take a few ingredients to make.

Combine guacamole, cheese and cherry tomatoes with a little bit of cilantro as a garnish into one of the scoops. If you want to make them a little spicier, we recommend adding a slice of a jalapeño pepper into each of them.

Cranberry and White Chocolate Mini Cheesecakes

Now onto everyone’s favourite part of Christmas: the desserts. For something different, we recommend making these cranberry and white chocolate mini cheesecakes. They don’t take much and are the perfect size for each family member.

To get that satisfying cranberry taste, the recipe uses cranberry jam plus graham cracker cookie crumbs for the crust.

Classic Peppermint Hot Chocolate

Make a highlight of your Christmas day warming up with a delicious mug of peppermint hot chocolate. Simply add crushed candy canes to a regular mix of hot chocolate to enjoy that quintessential winter taste.

Make it even more of a treat by adding whipped cream to the top and chocolate shavings.

Although classic Christmas foods are traditions for a reason, there are still plenty of other recipes out there that can start new ones as well.



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