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How to Make Your Lunch Foods in Kelowna Last Even Longer

How to Make Your Lunch Foods in Kelowna Last Even Longer


There are many, many opportunities for places to get lunch in Kelowna (or to get ingredients to make lunch for yourself), but how do you make those ingredients themselves last longer? We’ve put together a quick guide on how to make those leftovers stay tasty (and edible) for as long as possible.

Preventing Your Dairy From Growing Mould

Obviously, your dairy products need to stay cool in the fridge, but did you know there certain spots in the fridge you should avoid?

Dairy products last the longest when they can stay consistently cool, so keeping milk or sour cream in your fridge door is a recipe for making it go bad quicker.

Instead, keep your dairy products towards the back of the fridge to ensure they stay mould-free for as long as possible.

Making Your Avocadoes Last Longer

Avocadoes are delicious, nutritious, and just go great in so many dishes, but they can be tough to nail the time of their exact ripeness without them getting rotten spots.

Keeping them out at room temperature will ripen them quickly, so if you need them to slow down for the precise moment you need them it’s best to put them in the refrigerator.

Prevent Lettuce and Leafy Greens From Going Rotten

Lettuce and other leafy greens can quickly go rotten or limp if they are just kept in a plastic bag in a fridge. To make them last longer wrap your lettuce heads in some paper towel before putting them in a plastic bag and leaving them in the fridge.

For cut lettuce, simply stick a few sheets of paper towel in the bag instead.

By putting the paper towel in the bag it helps to soak up the moisture that builds up in the plastic bag.

Keeping Your Potatoes from Growing Eyes

Potatoes have to be the nastiest smelling vegetable ever when they go bad, so don’t let them rot. To prevent them from turning into the worst smell imaginable, keep them in a perforated plastic or paper bag in the corner of your kitchen. They don’t like extreme temperatures either so keep them tucked away at room temperature.

With the proper care, many foods can last much longer than you might expect!



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