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Best Drinks to Pair With a Burger for Dinner in Kelowna

Best Drinks to Pair With a Burger for Dinner in Kelowna

Sure, you could just have a glass of water with a hamburger, but you could get more out of your meal by mixing things up drink-wise. Like all foods, burgers have a specific flavour profile that makes them great for some drinks and less so for others. If you want to impress friends, family, or the cute person you’re going to be going on a date with for dinner in Kelowna, here are some of the best drinks to go with burgers.

Have the Right Wine With Your Kelowna Dinner

While white wines are great and work well with other dishes, your best bet is to stick with red wines for burgers. Some of the most notable ones that work well are Tuscan red wines, but really any full-bodied red wine pairs well. Consider getting a bottle of a Grenache, Malbec, Shiraz, or Zinfandels.

IPA in Kelowna restaurant

Choose the Right Beer for Your Burger

Beer is a classic pairing with a burger, but like wine, there are some that just make the whole experience that much better. IPAs are one such kind. Their fruity taste works well with burgers, especially ones with more hops.

If you don’t care for IPAs as much, amber ales are also an excellent paring if you prefer a less sweet drink and more of a bitter taste.

Other Drinks That Also Work Well With Hamburgers

Mixed drinks also offer plenty of options for drinks. For instance, a manhattan offers a rich combination of flavours to complement your already delicious burger. The sweet/strong combination of whiskey, sweet vermouth, and bitters all meld together incredibly well.

Alternatively, if you’re interested in a non-alcoholic drinking option that still works well, don’t worry. Milkshakes are the perfect comfort drink/dessert that adds a little more sweetness to your dinner experience.

Depending on how you like your burgers, some of our above suggestions may go better than others in terms of a pairing. Play around and try new drink and food combinations to find out what you love!



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