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Mistakes Made During Lunch at Work

Mistakes Made During Lunch at Work

The 9-5 40 hour workweek. It is common for people to have a 30-to-60-minute lunch break. How one spends their lunch break can play a significant role in how the rest of their day goes. Here are some common mistakes you may be making when going for an hour-long lunch and how to avoid them.

Mistake #1: Relaxed vs Time Conscious

One of the biggest and most common mistakes is going somewhere that isn’t used to a “lunch rush.” Some establishments are more used to a slower dining experience. Places such as cafes and diners are accustomed to making sure the guest receives their food fast followed by the bill promptly. Look for a restaurant that has many reviews for its lunch service. Some places such as Bohemian Café and Momo Shushi are a great choice as the business knows and maintains fast-paced lunch awareness. Your experience will still be as impressive as a slower-paced establishment. The difference you will see includes your server asking at the beginning if you are pressed for time, the menu is a bit more simplistic in terms of quantity in options, and the person serving you might present the bill before finishing your meal.



Mistake #2: Skipping Breakfast

Many specialists educate that skipping or skimping on breakfast could be a big mistake to starting your day. It can also lead to focus problems at work. Generally, those who skip breakfast find themselves famished before lunch even comes around. When on a lunch break, people overindulge, which leads to feeling overstuffed. Especially for those who sit in an office, being full can make you feel tired, and your shift will go by much slower. Try to eat a healthy, nutritious breakfast before work, or better yet, order ahead and pick it up on your way. Places such as Bright Jenny and Bean Scene offer fantastic breakfast options, and their coffee is local and smooth. Your lunch will be smaller, and you will still have enough energy to carry out your shift.



Mistake #3: Eating lunch at your desk

The reason we do take a lunch break isn’t just to eat food. We are given 30 minutes to an hour so that we can mentally step out of the workplace. A well-balanced life consists of regular social interaction, separating work from personal, and of course, a little vitamin D. Try to refrain from eating at your desk. Instead, head to a more energetic space such as Cantina Del Centro or Mid-Town Station. If you are looking for some sunshine, Brandt’s Creek or Central offers amazing sunshine views. So, get out, take a break from work and give your mind a much-needed hour off. You will be in a much better mindset when you get back to the office.



Mistake #4: Quality Food

The food eaten during the work shift could either slow you down or keep you alert and on task. Try to swap out heavy carbs for fresher food options. Your lunch break should be equally new and balanced as your snacks at your desk. Instead of heading to the nearest fast-food drive-through, go to places such as BLK Box or Frankie, We Salute You. Both locations are conditioned in lunch rushes and serve excellent wholesome meals with fresh quality ingredients.


Lunch is more than just an opportunity to eat. It offers employees a way to escape for an hour, re-fuel, rejuvenate and go back to work feeling ready to finish their shift. Try out some of these places and see how your energy levels and focus change at work.