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The Most Filling Low-Calorie Foods To Consider When You’re Out Kelowna Dining

The Most Filling Low-Calorie Foods To Consider When You’re Out Kelowna Dining

Some meals when you’re out in Kelowna dining have filled you up more than others due to what’s in them, but it can be hard to find the healthiest options with filling ingredients on your own. We’ve put together a list of the healthiest, low-calorie foods you can still fill up on. 

Oats and Oatmeal

Yup, there’s a reason oatmeal has endured as a breakfast food and one of those reasons has to do with how filling it is.  

One cup of oats has 371 calories but it also has 9.4g of dietary fibre and 14g of protein! Not only is that great for your digestion system, but also providing you with healthy energy throughout the day as well. 

Oats can be a great addition to many meals and are often a common choice for cookies because of how filling they are. 

Greek Yogurt 

Regular yogurt just doesn’t stand up to ones of the Greek variety. Greek yogurt continues to get more and more popular because of the nutritional value it provides along with its filling nature. 

One cup of low-fat, vanilla Greek yogurt contains 95 calories and contains 2.5g of healthy fats and 8.6g of protein. 

For the best results for your system, start your day off with Greek yogurt on an empty stomach. You’ll get those good bacteria into your system that way before you head out later on for some Kelowna dining. 

A Healthy Low-Calorie Food to Eat While You’re Out Dining in Kelowna: Eggs 

Where would we be without domesticated chickens? Probably more hungry, so thank goodness they have delicious eggs we can eat that fill us up. A staple of many Kelowna dining options and an excellent breakfast food, eggs are chock full of nutrients while also filling you up. 

A single raw egg contains 72 calories and 6.3g of protein making them one of the best ways to get your daily source of protein 

Our Brandt’s Creek breakfast menu contains several options to choose from to have eggs ‘egg’actly how you like them. 


Not all fish are created equal in terms of being filling, but there are many types that are. Fish are also great sources of protein and low in their caloric content. Salmon is a popular choice for being filling, but it’s by no means low in calories and so should be avoided if you’re counting calories. 

For a better choice for filling fish that minimizes your calorie count, opt for fish like cod, flounder, or halibut which are all leaner. Raw, Atlantic cod, for example, contains 189 calories per fillet (231g) along with a whopping 41g of protein! There’s no better choice on this list for a protein source which can be a great post-workout option to fill up on and build muscle  


A likely surprising addition to this but no less welcome, watermelon is actually a great low-cal choice. Because watermelon contains so much water, it’s also very filling in addition to being great at satisfying thirst (in a weird way) 

A single cup of diced watermelon (152g) provides a mere 46 calories while still being a good source of other quality nutrients like Vitamin A and Vitamin C. 

You can still have a filling meal while counting calories as proven by our list above. There are many other foods out there as well that don’t amp up your calorie count while still providing a filling meal on their own.  



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