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5 Things to Look for When Choosing the Right Place to Eat

5 Things to Look for When Choosing the Right Place to Eat


If you live in Kelowna, you know there are endless food choices. So, what makes a great place to eat stand out from the rest?

Brandt’s Creek Pub is dedicated to creating an inviting atmosphere with a great selection of fooddrinks and weekly specials at affordable prices. We are always striving for the best, so we’ve compiled the top 5 things to look for when choosing the right place to eat.

  • Kelowna reviews & reputation
  • Cleanliness
  • Service
  • Seasonal foods and selection
  • Good Value & Delicious Dishes

1. Kelowna Reviews and Reputation


Well established pubs, restaurants, and eateries typically have a several online customer reviews that you can read before stepping foot in their food establishment. The accessibility and influence of apps and online review sites is one of the best ways to determine the reputation, atmosphere, prices, type of food, and the overall quality of a food establishment.

2. Cleanliness


How clean is the restroom? The cleanliness of the restroom is a useful way to judge a pub or restaurant’s attention to detail. It’s also an excellent way to determine the cleanliness of the kitchen.

Dishes, utensils, and glassware are other great indicators of cleanliness. Does your water glass have a lipstick stain (that isn’t yours)? Is your dishware pristine? Attention to these details can tell you a lot about what goes on in the kitchen.

3. Service


Being greeted by a friendly staff when first arrive demonstrates the level of service you can expect. Even when a place is incredibly busy and can’t seat you right away, you should still be acknowledged by the servers in a timely manner.

Great service also means servers that can answer your questions about the menu, accommodate your needs (within reason), checks up on your table, and brings your food out while it’s still hot.

4. Seasonal foods in Kelowna and food selection


Kelowna Restaurant | Brandt's Creek Pub

With the exception of high-end places where fresh food is likely delivered daily, dishes or ingredients that are out of season probably means it’s not fresh or healthy.

You should be able to count on a high level of food freshness and for the dishes on the menu to include seasonal ingredients. If it’s winter and asparagus is on the restaurant menu, chances are you’re not in a good restaurant.

5. Good value & delicious dishes


The kitchen staff at Brandt’s Creek Pub know first hand how important food presentation, portion size, prices, taste all are. These are essential aspects of determining the correlation between good food and fair prices. When your food arrives, it should be appetizing and freshly delivered from the kitchen.

At Brandt’s Creek Pub in Kelowna, we want our customers to have an amazing experience that makes them excited to return. For more signs that you’re in a good restaurant, read amateur gourmet’s blog.

Our reviews speak for themselves!

“I only rate places if they are horrible or knock my socks off. Brandt’s pub definitely knocked my socks off. My wife Franki and I have eaten here about 4 times now. The food is ALWAYS off the hook delicious. Everything we order is top shelf. Our favorite dish is the rib special. The ribs aren’t over done in any way. The meat just falls off the bone and MELTS in your mouth. The taters that come with are seasoned perfectly.  The beer on tap is never flat and there is the perfect collection for selection. Our wonderful server was Noelle. She was what all servers should strive to be. Fantastic😎👍 If you really love your spouse and wanna knock their socks of outside of the bedroom. Go to Brandt’s Creek Pub.”

Thanks Len B. for the Google Review!

If you’re looking for a great selection of incredible dishes, view our menu and visit Brandt’s Creek Pub today.