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Kelowna Specials You Absolutely Need to Try

Kelowna Specials You Absolutely Need to Try

Kelowna is awash with a wide selection of food and drink options–there’s really no excuse to buy fast food every time you go out when you can enjoy so much more than just your classic number four combo. Our Kelowna specials are made with top-quality ingredients and give you enough variety in your palette for every day of the week.  

Here are just a few of our noteworthy specials. 

Kelowna Specials: Refreshing, Unique Drinks 

A good drink is important to compliment a good meal. Luckily, we have plenty of signature specials perfect for that. 

Going for a drink after your sports game on Wednesday? You absolutely need to try Brandt’s Icebergs. What are they? A combination of beer and crushed ice in a refreshing medley that will make you wonder how no one has done this before (or so well). 

End your weekend with a splash on Sunday, a splash from a double Dark & Stormy that is. The end of the weekend might have unfavorable weather, but the storm of flavor inside your mouth can continue uninterrupted. 

Meals to Make Your Mouth Water 

Of course, we wouldn’t be a pub without some delicious pub food.  

Give your taste buds a chance to play with our all-day steak sandwich and fries on Tuesday. Filling and made with premier steak, it will give you a reason to wake up for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. 

Classic, but always a filling, mouth-watering choice, our ¼ pound beef burgers blow the competition out of the water on our Thursday specials menu. If you haven’t discovered our Kelowna specials before trying our burgers you’ll definitely be exploring our menu now. 

We’re proud of our signature specials and hope you choose to experience them. We’re always refining our menu options to give you filling food and refreshing drinks every time you walk through our doors. 


Do we have you drooling yet? Book a reservation with us today to experience top-quality food for your next meal.