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Get Your Favourite Kelowna Pub Food Low-Carb!

Get Your Favourite Kelowna Pub Food Low-Carb!

New year, and more of you to love. After holiday eating it’s common to want to diet or eat cleaner with a low-carb diet. Going to a restaurant in Kelowna can be intimidating when you’re watching what you’re eating. It’s hard to feel like you need to restrict yourself from certain options on the menu, or to feel like eating something on the menu is too risky. It’s exhausting. The good news for you is that you can order specific things on our menu that will make it a low-carb meal. Never be shy to ask your waiter or waitress to give you dressing on the side, no buns on your burger, or any other variation you feel you need. We’re here to help you have a good time and feel good eating at our restaurant. 

 1. Check out the menu before for low-carb options 

With food restrictions comes a lot of meal planning, but that’s ok because in this day and age you can look up the menu for the restaurant you’re going to. You can even call ahead and ask what alternatives or variations they’re willing to make on different meals. Often, you’ll find that restaurants in Kelowna will be able to cater to your needs, offering transparency and letting you know what alternatives they think is best for you. Just a heads up, we have our menu on our site so you can plan your meal and/or low-carb diet. 


2. From sandwich to salad 

If you’re craving a sandwich but don’t want to overdo your carb count, then order your sandwich without bread. BAM. You’ve created a make-shift salad. Bread has around 22 grams of carbs in a sandwich, by cutting it out, you’ll be saving yourself a lot of extra carbs. Taking out the bread from your sandwich will oftentimes cut your carb amount in half. If you prefer having a sandwich in its true form, then you could get a lettuce bun. It’s effective, low-carb, and keeps all the tasty flavours. 

3. Sauce and dressing on the side 

Another go-to that’s commonly used is getting your sauces or dressings on the side of your meal rather than on them. This way you can control how much is going on your food, therefore, controlling your intake. There are also many dressing and sauce alternatives that you could try. For example, you could get olive oil and balsamic dressing instead of one with high sugars, you could get pesto instead of other sauces with your meal.  


Following a low-carb diet in the new year doesn’t have to be impossible. You can still enjoy your everyday activities while being cautious of what your food intake is.  

Curious about what our options are? Check out our menu!